Month: June 2014

The New 2015 Honda PCX

pcx pic

A video review of the new 2015 Honda PCX. We love our bikes in Thailand and this is a damn near perfect one. It gets over 115 MPG! It’s very comfortable to drive, with excellent acceleration, good braking and plenty of storage under the seat.


The Bum Gun: Thailand’s Answer to Toilet Paper


The Bum Gun

A blogger on the Huffington Post wrote about experimenting with going green by eliminating toilet paper. I thought, finally! Someone is going to write about Thailand’s preferred method of butt cleanup, the bum gun, but noooooooo.

Instead of toilet paper, the family used homemade cloths, which they would place in a basket after use and wash a few times per week. Because the cloths were reusable, they were more environmentally friendly than toilet paper. The blogger estimated that ditching toilet paper would save her $136 a year.

Are you shitting me? There is only one way to go for alternative anal cleansing…the bum gun. You’ll find the beloved bum gun in every Thailand bathroom. If there is even a roll of T.P. in a bathroom, it’s used for drying.

Also known as the bidet shower, bidet spray, bidet sprayer or health faucet, the bum gun is simply the superior clean up method to toilet paper. It’s more sanitary and easy to install. Turn off the water, place a tee connection to where the toilet hooks up to the water and then connect the gun. This is a $10 do-it-yourself project. I’m surprised the bum gun has never caught on the West. It’s everywhere in Asia where water is considered essential for cleansing. Finland is one of the few countries you’ll find bum guns. It’s very common in Brazil and some parts of the Muslim world.

The best reason for the bum gun? Do you know how spicy the food is in Thailand? Nothing like a cool water cleanup spritz after a spicy meal. Cleaner, cheaper, good for the environment and refreshing, put a bum gun next to your toilet. My bum and I recommend it.

The bum gun even has a Facebook page!