Month: March 2015

Kamala Crime Wave


Thieves are breaking in to homes in Kamala. In five years of living here in here, I’ve never seen anything like this. In the last month, there have been ten homes broken into within 200 meters of where I live. Homes are being broken into all over town.

The other night it was my turn. I woke up around 3 AM to find the front door open. I closed it and took a look around. There was my wallet, our iPads and iPhones, the usual targets. Everything looked okay. I walked into my office and there was the screen open to a window. Just then, the wind came up. Since there was nothing missing I figured I’d left the door open and the wind had blown open the screen. It was 3 AM. I was obviously not thinking very clearly.

I went back to bed. When I got up in the morning, I spotted the safe was gone. The safe was a cheap model that you see in hotels. It wasn’t bolted down. They opened the screen, squeezed through the security bars, grabbed the safe and went out the front door. They were probably in and out in 15 seconds.

The thieves are opportunistic. They’re looking for easy targets. Open windows, open doors, valuables that can be grabbed through security windows. They’re brazen. As in my house, they will walk in while you sleep. There is a heavy penalty for entering someone’s house in Thailand. They don’t care. Fortunately, no one’s been hurt so far.

The Police don’t have an answer for this crime wave. It’s a low priority thing with them. If they find these thieves it will be by accident.

I suggest you check to see how susceptible you are. They work in the dark. Lighting will deter the thieves. Motion sensitive lighting and alarms are available for 1000 baht. These thieves like to reach in grab anything they can get through security windows left open. Don’t make it easy for them.

Although they grabbed my safe, it was empty. They got nothing except an old safe I wasn’t using. I was going to throw it away anyway because I lost the key. It was a wake up call, though. I’ve put in security lighting and an alarm.

It may slow them down.