Month: January 2017

Kamala Beach Is Being Destroyed by Condo Development

The unbelievable pace of condo development in Kamala Beach is unfathomable. Why is this happening in the Phuket real estate bubble? Why are there thousands of new condos under construction in a market that is virtually dead? Everywhere you look in Kamala you see the construction. Have all these developers lost their minds? Who do they think is going buy these condos in a market where NO ONE IS BUYING CONDOS!

10 Reasons I’ll Never Buy A Condo In Phuket

The environmental impact of these projects is staggering. Phuket doesn’t have the infrastructure to support the development. There is no where to put the mountains of trash now. We run out of water every April and sewage treatment is overwhelmed before these developments are even finished! In a Western country there would have long ago been a building moratorium until these environmental issues were addressed.

All these photos represent a different development in Kamala. Another development in which the condos will certainly be empty, overpriced and unsellable, yet the building continues.

How did we get to this point? By having no oversight on development in Phuket. The lack of government oversight has allowed developers to do anything they want. Who suffers from this lack of oversight? Everyone…for generations to come. Where are the sidewalks? Where are the parks? There is NO community planning…just building.

Why is this disaster taking place? I have only one answer…greed. Greedy developers believing they’re going to make huge profits. Since we know that’s not going to happen, why does this continue? I don’t have an answer. Maybe it’s just the momentum of starting the project that keeps it going. Poor business decisions trump common sense? No one is going to buy these condos. If these developers are looking for people to walk in and plunk down the money for a condo in their unfinished development, they’re screwed. They all have fancy sales offices where they’ll tell you all about their luxurious, incredible opportunities for investment. It’s all bullshit.

The ugly reality is every one of these developments is in trouble. One of the developments in Kamala that’s not even half finished (with a crane still on top of it) has stopped construction because of lack of sales. I went in to the sales office and they offered me a substantial discount off of a unit. When I pointed out that construction had stopped, they said no, they still build on Saturdays. Doesn’t give a buyer a lot of confidence to actually buy. Anyone want to buy a condo in an unfinished development…good luck. The jury is still out on if any of these projects will ever be completed.

What about the guaranteed 7% yearly returns all of these places offer? Doesn’t that make for an attractive investment? Hardly. There are laws against short term rentals of condos. It’s illegal to rent your condo for less than a month. How can the condo development offer a return on an empty condo? If the condo ever gets built there is no way they can return the money. The developer’s management team will undoubtedly have moved on by the time you’re looking for your guaranteed return on investment. Try to get your return through Thai courts? Good luck with that.

Kamala Beach continues to be destroyed by developers. I don’t get it.

Mercury Blues

Pete Bowen’s cover of a song that constantly plays in his head. Fun rock & roll…love that slide.

The El Rex-X/David Lindley version inspired.

“Mercury Blues” is a song written by K. C. Douglas and Robert Geddins, and first recorded by Douglas in 1948.The song, originally titled “Mercury Boogie,” pays homage to the American automobile, which ended production in 2010.

The song has been covered among others by the Steve Miller Band (1967, at The Monterey International Pop Festival, and 1976, on their album, Fly Like an Eagle), David Lindley (1981), the Finn Pave Maijanen (1987), Alan Jackson (1993), Meat Loaf (2003) and Dwight Yoakam (2004). Lindley’s version, from his 1981 album El Rayo-X, peaked at number 34 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. Meat Loaf’s version appears as a hidden track at the end of his 2003 album Couldn’t Have Said It Better. Dwight Yoakam’s version appears on his 2002 boxed set, Reprise Please, Baby, and later on his 2004 compilation album, Dwight’s Used Records. More recently, a lively, truly blues version appeared on Jackson Browne’s “Love Is Strange” (2010), backed by David Lindley.

Rights to the song were purchased by the Ford Motor Company (who already owned the Mercury marque). Ford, in turn, used it for a television commercial featuring Alan Jackson singing his version of the song with the word “Mercury” replaced by the words “Ford Truck.”

Pete Bowen

The Best of Kamala Beach Phuket Pictures of the Year 2016

If you follow me on Facebook, you’re getting fresh Kamala Beach pics almost everyday. I walk Kamala Beach every night with an iPhone 6S Plus and a beautiful Thai girl. With the sun going down on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, some days you’re going to get lucky and get a great pic.

Looking back at 2016, I got lucky often. I’ve got some pics I’m proud of here. That’s shooting everyday and I get a couple of ones a month I really like.

Look at the joy on this girl’s face! She was dancing around the beach on her own all by herself. That’s spectacular joy. Proud of that one.

Sun behind the clouds, the single guy out on the end of the rocks

The bird out of the sun pic! That’s the kind of photo you look at on the computer when you get home and say, “Wow, look what I did!”

A girl walking into the sunset, simple and beautiful.

Framing a small boat in the sunset. It works somehow.

An attractive gal walks out of the water at the south end of Kamala

A pensive couple on the beach

After delivering some tourists a long tail boat gets ready to return

Kamala Beach in May, after everyone has gone home. That’s when I like it the best. Yeah, it’s warm, but I got it to myself then.

Just a pic of the sun and the clouds, but majestic!

We’ve got to have a pic of the Thai girl here. I think this is the day we mastered stop action.

This is a stylized version of a pic I took of the South end of Surin Beach last summer on one of those rough days.

I spotted this older couple hiking down the beach with their sticks. Unusual effect from the sun really blends the pic.

Starting to spot a theme here? Women walking into the sun. This one was a winner.

Just a cute little girl walking along in the sunset. Love this pic.

And the #1 pic of 2016 is this one. There was a big beauty pageant going on in Phuket that day, I stumbled onto this photo shoot on Surin Beach. There was a photographer taking pics of the model and I walked by and stole this one. I think this gal won! I saw another pic of her and she was one of the most popular models, if she didn’t win. Anyway, I took one shot of her because I didn’t want to seem too obvious. I got lucky.

Sometimes you get lucky, but the most important thing is showing up and taking pics, lots of pics.

Remember, the best camera is the one you got with ya.

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Pete Bowen